Bernard Hodes Keeping the Lead on Social Media Communication

[September 2009]  Bernard Hodes launched the Hodes Voices Project having as a motto: Continuing The New Talent Conversation. Through this blog, Bernard Hodes will continue to nurture the communities, building synergy among its content and giving you a platform to interact with colleagues, clients and partners.

Alan Schwartz, president and CEO, says it best in the inaugural post, “Around the world, Hodes people are leading discussions on the changing talent landscape and how companies and organizations can better connect and communicate with their current and future workforce.”
Hodes Voices will expand upon these efforts and with the contribution of all its members. The purpose is to make YOUR discussions part of OUR discussions.

In addition to launching the blog, Bernard Hodes and the Digital Team  also created a new Facebook page—, encouraging the administrators of other Hodes groups to help promote their  new page, as it offers better functionality and visibility in the new Facebook landscape. Also, the interested persons can stay connected via Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

But remember, your participation is vital to their success. Wish you happy blogging and inspiration!


Communication and PR Manager
World Vision is a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.
Commercial Director, Mattresses & Pillows
9/5/2017 - World-class producer of cellular foams and industrial polymers. The group was formed over 60 years ago as British Vita and now operates internationally supplying a vast range of materials for applications including transportation, general industry, construction, furniture & bedding and packaging.


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