Coaching Fundamentals with Alain Cardon

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Coaching Fundamentals represents a complete instrument for the professional and personal development programme that provides a comprehensive learning process both for confirmed coaches and for beginners in the coaching field.

The powerful dimension of this relatively short coach training cycle rests on its original teaching frame of reference in total coherence with the spirit of systemic coaching.  The learning process is immediately focused on teaching advanced coaching skills, addressing each participant as a potential master systemic coach rather than as a beginner. The taught techniques are distilled to their finest dimension, and exempt of superfluous theory. The resulting accelerated learning process is focused on very practically acquiring the art (know-how) of essential masterful coaching.

Each two-day session is conceived as a focused and practical behavioral training environment focused on acquiring practical coaching skills (know-how). The participants will find a setting where they will be asked to actively practice real-life learning situations focused on acquiring behavioral coaching skills and communication techniques.  

By following this program, participants learn to become systemic coaches.  

The next series starts in February.  For more details and enrollment, please visit our site or contact us by e-mail: or on mobile 0733 988 678.

Mastery in Coaching is an Art

Each cycle and workshop organized by Alain Cardon, MCC and Metasysteme Coaching is conceived so as to allow each participant to re-evaluate their own points of reference, to remodel their belief systems and to transform their visions on life, time, health, clients, success, oirganizations, teams, families, persons and their own selves.

Thus, the learning contexts go well beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge and competencies, being conceived so as to offer participants the chance for profound personal and professional transformation.



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