Executive Recruitment

Our recruitment practice is in line with the international quality standards. We attract talent in today’s highly competitive marketplace only by deploying custom-made solutions. 

Nevertheless a classic, 8 steps algorithm remains the backbone of the process:

1. Learning:  strategy and objectives, products/services, market, corporate culture, management style, etc.
2. Client engagement:  Position profile, process timetable, client expectations, deliverables, fees, payment conditions, guarantees, off-limits, exclusivity.
3. Research:  Listing targeted industries and companies, systematic market research,  database  browsing, external resources activation, networking;
4. Executive Assessment: Structured competency-based interviews revealing: background and experience, development potential, corporate culture match, motivation, personality, soft skills, strong &weak points.
Testing/assessing candidates:  Additionally, if requested:  SHL, tailored assessment center, etc. 
5. References, integrity checks: employers, superior managers, clients and team, education.
6. Executive presentation:  Education and training, professional experience, personal info, general evaluation of the candidate, consultants comments and any additional agreed information. 
7. Client interviews: Close monitor and management of the interviewing process.
8. Active follow-up:  close monitoring and management of the on-boarding process, continuous contact with parties to ensure successful integration within the company (during the first year)


Supply Chain Manager
The company entered Romania on the market in 1996, growing until these days as being the largest company in its field of production. Our Client
Project Manager
One of the most important companies seeks to become the largest independent hotel operator in the Central and Eastern Europe through the continuously changing hospitality and tourism market environment.


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