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As a professional services firm, our aim is to excel in everything we do. For this reason, we believe that there is always room for improvement, and thus we welcome any suggestion that may lead us towards increased proficiency.

Your opinions are important to us, therefore please send us your comments.

Q1: What services does your company offer?

Q2: What markets – in addition to Romania – do you serve?

Q3: What industries do you have experience in with executive search? State especially whether you have experience in following industries:

Q4: What type of positions do you have experience in with executive search?

Q5: What do you believe is your unique value proposition that you can offer? What are your key strengths?

Q6: What track record of successful placements do you have (last two years)?

Q7: How will you ensure speedy executive search process? Please describe your typical executive search process and its following aspects:

Q8: Search strategy and channels: direct search, head-hunting, own data base, networking, IT tools etc.;

Q9: What are your contract conditions?

Q10: Additional costs related to each project.

Q11: Risk sharing between Client and your firm

Q12: Replacement rules in case that your placement leaves before agreed period

Q13: By-placements and on-the-top placements (add-on candidates)

Q14: What mode of search do you use (direct search, advertisement based search, (online) databases, others)?

Q15: What type of interviews prior introducing the candidate to the client do you use (telephone / 1:1)?



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