Interim Opportunities

According to IIM (Institute of Interim Management), Interim Management is the use of senior, professional directors and managers on a fee and fixed term basis to achieve a high impact on specific roles or objectives.

Interim Opportunities
 Interim Management process

We specialize in recruitment of interim managers, senior executives and highly skilled experts, with a proven record as interim managers in the following roles:
• Chief Financial Officers (CFO)
• Managing Directors (MD)
• Operations Managers (COO)
• Sales Directors
• IT Directors (CIO)

  Interim Managers are a particular type of elite managers. They are not consultants as they are hands-on change factors with full responsibility, in-house recommending and implementing actions based on their practical experience.


In our efforts to provide our clients with outstanding quality services, we strive to focus our Interim Management toward a limited list of specialties.

Our recruitment experience and resources will allow us to provide you with prompt, but not instant solutions for:
• Project Managers (PM)
• Manufacturing/ Production/Technical Managers (CTO)
• Human Resources Directors

Without being a specialist recruitment company, our team developed a wealth of experience gained over a number of assignments in the following Sectors:
• Advanced Technologies (Information Technology, Software, Internet and/or Internet Services);
• Consumer Goods & Services (Packaged Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Food & Beverage);
• Services (Financial Services, Corporate & Investment Banking);
• Industrial (Construction & Building Materials, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Services, Paper& Packaging, Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing);


Please click here to see details on our extended interim search capabilities.

Please contact our consultants for additional details.



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