Interim Opportunities

According to IIM (Institute of Interim Management), Interim Management is the use of senior, professional directors and managers on a fee and fixed term basis to achieve a high impact on specific roles or objectives.

 Interim opportunities  Interim Management process

We specialize in recruitment of interim managers, senior executives and highly skilled experts, with a proven record as interim managers in the following roles:
• Chief Financial Officers (CFO)
• Managing Directors (MD)
• Operations Managers (COO)
• Sales Directors
• IT Directors (CIO)

  Interim Managers are a particular type of elite managers. They are not consultants as they are hands-on change factors with full responsibility, in-house recommending and implementing actions based on their practical experience.

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In our efforts to provide our clients with outstanding quality services, we strive to focus our Interim Management toward a limited list of specialties.

Our recruitment experience and resources will allow us to provide you with prompt, but not instant solutions for:
• Project Managers (PM)
• Manufacturing/ Production/Technical Managers (CTO)
• Human Resources Directors

Without being a specialist recruitment company, our team developed a wealth of experience gained over a number of assignments in the following Sectors:
• Advanced Technologies (Information Technology, Software, Internet and/or Internet Services);
• Consumer Goods & Services (Packaged Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Food & Beverage);
• Services (Financial Services, Corporate & Investment Banking);
• Industrial (Construction & Building Materials, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Industrial Services, Paper& Packaging, Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing);


Please click here to see details on our extended interim search capabilities.

Please contact our consultants for additional details:

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Supply Chain Manager
The company entered Romania on the market in 1996, growing until these days as being the largest company in its field of production. Our Client
Project Manager
One of the most important companies seeks to become the largest independent hotel operator in the Central and Eastern Europe through the continuously changing hospitality and tourism market environment.


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