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Career Coaching

Ask a person who they are. After they’ll tell you their name, age and place of birth, they will probably talk about their occupation.


Your career is part of your identity so shouldn't we take best care of it ? 

Our team believes that true leaders are prepared for any contingency in their professional path.


Knowing that you can always make yourself visible to the market, build an outstanding CV in a matter of minutes, negotiate your salary right, present yourself in the optimum way at a interview will bring you a lot of comfort. 

We have the tools, the experts, and the knowledge to coach you in a way that will build in you the right tools for the rest of your career.


Together we will craft a map to guide you towards what you aspire for and will help you be the leader of your career!

Our program will cover areas such as: 

Identifying your skills and needs;

- analyze your career objectives;

- identify what keeps you from reaching your goals;

- analyze and develop a plan for your professional success.

Career planning;

- we will determine how much did you achieved and how high can you reach on your career path.

Personal branding;

- we will assist you in building your ideal CV and cover letter;     

- we will cover aspects regarding verbal and written communication.

Job Search Strategies

- advising you on how to increase your visibility on professional platforms;

- we will identify the most suited recruitment agencies to reach;

- teach you the principles of networking (focused on how to use your contacts to get a job); 

- build a list of preferences for your career Interview Preparation;

- prepare for important questions that may appear upon an interview;

- interview simulation;     

- we will assist you if you need to negotiate your salary. 

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