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Executive Recruitment / The Process

Every search is unique. Your context is unique and so are our solutions. We balance the rigor of the validated method with blue-ocean creativity.  


Nevertheless, a classic algorithm remains the backbone of the process:

1. Understand the context

First, we talk about your context, your strategy and objectives, specific corporate culture, history, mission and vision, leadership style. We consider markets, competition, trends and challenges. 

Then we consult about the role and the way it will contribute to your organizations' development. Talk about your unique opportunities and challenges, goals and expectations, resources, boundaries, perspectives. 


One of the things we take pride in is the fact that, more than just our extensive experience, we rely on using the proper analysis tools and methods when we define and describe the roles we recruit. 

We meet with relevant stakeholders, listen and analyse. Advice, coach, challenge, mirror, provide feedback. 

2. Search strategy and plan

Role profile, key competencies, process timetable, points of contact, liabilities, deliverables, fees, payment conditions, guarantees, off-limits, exclusivity.

We propose the search plan and consult with you on its main elements: industries to approach, targeted organizations, potential risks we foresee along the way, out-of-the-box approaches, blue-ocean thinking. 


We list, analyse, evaluate, and prioritize targeted industries and organizations. Then we repeat the process and list all key individuals, a long list of prospects. 


We do this through a laborious process that implies systematic market research, challenges our extensive knowledge of the market, triangulation, database browsing, external resources activation, networking etc. 

Learn more about our Talent Mapping process

4. Candidates Evaluation

Important, and perhaps one the specific features of our firm,  it's the fact that a large part of the information about candidates is gathered from sources independent from them - by the time we meet with the candidates, we have already built a coherent set of information. 


Secondarily but equally important, we conduct structured competency-based interviews to assess and validate: background and experience, development potential, corporate culture match, motivation, personality traits, soft skills, strong &weak points.

Conduct thorough background checks and referencing.

Learn more about our Executive Assessment process

5. Advise on clients' decisions

It is precisely because our clients retain us in all our assignments (see here why this matters), we always approach our service as management consultants. 

In a simplistic view, our clients pay us even in the unlikely event of a non-placement. We receive almost the entire amount of money even if no one is finnaly employed for the position. Just because our role is to advise our clients in the recruitment process. 

In a more complicated manner, we deploy risk analysis tools, structure information in an objective, user-friendly format, that eventually provides our clients with the right support in order to take an informed decision. 

6. Onboarding

The factors that make a recruitment process a success are equally intrinsic to the candidate and to the organisation.


To see our mission done, we align these two streams of factors so that the people recruited are happy, engaged, and they perform as expected, in a profitable and sustainable manner. 


This implies constant feedback sessions, risk assessment, and coaching  of stakeholders. 

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