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What Makes Us Special

Advice Human Resources provides a unique mixture of in-depth impact and smoothness in action.

Our practice guidelines:

We are partners with our clients in a consultative process aimed at providing top of the line Human Resources solutions.


Our success depends on a strong commitment to the task at hand as well as on mutual trust and responsiveness by each party.


Outstanding client knowledge and ability to perform the specific assignment.


We always develop "ab initio" agreements with our client that, among other things, makes clear the fees and expenses to be charged, and any ongoing assurances or guarantees relating to fulfillment of the assignment.


We always agree with our client concerning any "off-limits" restrictions or other related policies that govern when and how we [as consultants] may develop our future actions.


Advise you promptly and offer alternative courses of action if it becomes apparent that the results of our actions are below our expectations, or that the length will differ considerably from that originally specified.


Withdraw from the assignment if a member determines that a client has falsely characterized its organization or misled candidates and is unwilling to remedy the situation. Since it's one of the first executive search firm in Romania, the company has led and influenced an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Please see more about team, our international reach and ask us to give details. You can look at our Executive Search page and learn more about the recruitment. On the web site you can also find out Our Solutions for Your Career. You can always Contact us

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